ZuuTii 6-In-One Peeler Set

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Are you still choosing an ordinary peeler?

【MULTIFUNCTION PEELER SET】6 in 1 multifunction peeler set, including julienne peeler for carrots, serrated peeler for tomatoes, straight peeler for potatoes, fish scaler remover, shrimp deveiner tool, scallion cutter, zuutii peeler set for everything you prep

【FOOD GRADE MATERIAL】Made of polypropylene (PP), ABS and 304 stainless steel, durable stainless steel blade with protective cover,extended peeler life

【PEELER RACK】The rack hollowed out and designed to clean the peeler after placing can drain, reducing the breeding of bacteria, while convenient to store, save place,making the kitchen clean and tidy.

【NON-SLIP HANDLE】Swivel knife blade, non-slip handle stable control, ergonomic design, we have done many tests, that is, use for a long time will not be tired, save time and effort.

【THE ZUUTII PROMISE】If you have issue about product, please contact us for a repair or replacement. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from your experience and we will make it better.