Y Knot 14" Black Walnut Bowl

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The Black Walnut tree is native to Southeastern Canada and the Eastern United States. It grows commonly in Riparian areas, the ecologically significant interface zone between rivers and land. Handcrafted dinnerware items are also an interface between casual and elegant dining. Hugh encourages you to use your Riparian Series items every day, but including them in a centerpiece will add a level of sophistication to any table. Hugh’s work is a fine example of the interface between function and art.

Caring for Your Bowl

Most importantly – please do not put in the dishwasher! The strong
detergents and high temperatures will damage handmade wood products.
To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth or wash in warm, lightly soapy
water. Soak for less than 1 minute.
If you are using the items regularly, the oils in the food and on your hands
will constantly season the wood so you probably won’t need to re-apply any
oil to the finish. But if necessary, a LIGHT coat of walnut oil or butcher block
oil can be applied. Don’t use olive oil as it can go rancid if the item isn’t used
regularly. Some types of mineral oil can be used, but some varieties do not
dry well, leaving the surface feeling sticky.