Staub Round Cherry Cocotte 5QT With Steamer Insert

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Use this cocotte from the La Cocotte series to prepare different dishes at the same time. This cocotte has a steamer insert, which allows you to use the rising steam to cook vegetables at the same time. Without the steamer insert, you can also use this cocotte as a casserole dish and cook delicious meat or vegetable dishes with a range of different ingredients. The cherry-red cocotte is round and has a diameter of 26 cm: it is made of cast iron with matt black enamelling on the inside. These two materials make this casserole dish outstanding for frying and slow cooking, as cast iron conducts heat very well and the enamel brings out the natural flavours of the food. The steamer insert is made of high-grade 18/10 stainless steel and has a silicone seal by means of which heat is ideally distributed. Staub cocottes can be used on all kinds of cooker, including induction hobs, or even popped in the oven with dishes that need to cook for longer. It holds 5.2 litres and is therefore perfect for when you have invited a number of guests round. Be sure to use this cocotte to serve, as its cherry-red colour means that it looks equally good on the table. Use this casserole dish to serve stylishly tasty slow-cooked stews or casseroles, or even a delicious ratatouille.

  • Made in France
  • Heavy weight, tight-fitting lid retains moisture, spikes on the lid create a rain-forest effect evenly returning juices back onto food
  • Oven safe up to 900F/482C without lid, Lids are Oven safe up to 500F/260C
  • Nickel steel knob
  • Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops, including gas, electric, glass, ceramic, induction, and halogen
  • Unique, interior matte texture results in exceptional browning
  • Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended