Neil's Real Deal Hot Sauce

Neil's Real Deal Hot Sauce

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Experience the perfect blend of smokiness and heat in this sauce. There is plenty of scotch bonnet peppers in this recipe, but this time we blended them up with chipotle  and jalapeno peppers. It's perfect on all of your favourite foods.

Heat: 3/5


The OG pepper sauce! This sauce came straight from Trinidad almost 100 years ago! Passed down four generations and we are now cooking it up for everyone to enjoy. All natural ingredients. Taste the fruitiness from the beautiful scotch bonnet peppers in this one of a kind sauce. The combination of vegetables bring a completely new texture to the hot sauce world. Give this a try, you will not regret it!

Heat: 4/5


 We like to call this one our introduction to Neil's Real Deal pepper sauces. You won't find scotch bonnets in this recipe, so have no fear if you are a hot sauce newbie! We got you. This one doesn't have intense heat, just amazing flavour. This sauce will surely leave you wanting more. Perfect on all of your favourite recipes!

Heat: 1.5/5

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