Le Creuset 12 Cup Madeleine Tray

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The Madeleine Pan is the ultimate piece of bakeware to prepare this classic French Pastry with ease. Featuring small, scallop-shaped molds, this Madeleine Pan simplifies baking, delivering a delicate tea cake.

Constructed with heavy gauge carbon steel, this Madeleine Pan offers superior heat retention, resulting in perfectly baked madeleines all-while preventing scorching. Its heat-resistant silicone rim is crafted to provide a confident and secure grip, especially when transferring this pan to and from the oven.

This Madeleine Pan is a great addition to your Le Creuset collection, ensuring you can pull off this delicate French pastry with the minimum of fuss. Ideal for hosting tea parties, or baking the perfect accompaniment for your next brunch, the Madeleine Pan is built to last.