La Pastora Paprika

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2.6 oz/ 75g


Made in Spain. Product obtained from the grinding of ripe, healthy, clean dry peppers.

La Pastora organic hot paprika is a unique, high-quality condiment made using sustainable agricultural practices.   This paprika is obtained from hot pepper varieties grown in Murcia without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making it a healthy and environmentally friendly option.   

La Pastora hot paprika has an intense and spicy flavor with smoky notes and a slightly sweet touch.   Its vibrant red color and distinctive aroma make it a highly appreciated ingredient in the kitchen.   It can be used to enhance the flavor of a wide variety of dishes, such as sauces, stews, marinades and even in the preparation of sausages.   

Being organic, this paprika supports sustainable agricultural practices, promoting biodiversity and preserving soil quality.   Furthermore, organic farming avoids the use of harmful chemicals, resulting in a healthier product without toxic residues.   

La Pastora's organic hot paprika is a delicious and conscious choice for those who value quality, flavor and respect for the environment in their food.


Murcia La Pastora organic sweet paprika is a delicious and contamination-free mixture of natural peppers that have been carefully selected, without fraudulent manipulations or additives.   It gives dishes a slightly sweet and soft touch that promises to make dishes richer and more striking.   La Pastora's organic sweet paprika is unique in its flavor, aromas and colors.   It has a fruity aroma and a smooth, sweet flavor.   It is also suitable for all types of recipes.   Its intense color and aromatic intensity provide a special touch to each dish.   It is a superior quality and delicious paprika, perfect for preparing both traditional and exotic recipes.