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A few simple tips to help ensure a fantastic frothing experience, every time.


Fresh milk is better

Using fresh milk delivers the richest, frothiest foam possible. A milk carton that has already been opened will still froth, but the foam might be less dense. This is due in part because the fats in the milk often break down immediately after opening the carton. 


Milk matters!

Different types of milk produce different results. Depending on which milk you use, here’s what you can expect:


  • 1% milk (skim milk): Easy to froth, it creates a light, airy foam.

  • 2% milk: Easy to foam like skim milk, but with a creamier consistency.

  • 3.25% milk (whole milk): Higher fat content creates the richest-tasting foam.

  • Oat beverage: Will froth like dairy milk, but loses its bubbles quickly.

  • Lactose-free milk: Less reliable, due to its different properties.