Debauch Cookbook

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Debauch (n) a bout of excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures, especially eating and drinking.

 Do you believe that the best dinner parties include endless stories, great food, and several bottles of wine? If so, this is the cookbook for you. Debauch is “a cookbook for social rogues” which basically just means you’re the sort of host who refuses to let one of their guests go unsatisfied. Debauch features 146 pages of pretty pictures, recipes ripped from The Other Bird’s menus — and originals crafted by our talented team — as well tales from our chefs and bartenders. We hope that this book inspires you to host an incredible party, or maybe just cook one heck of a feast one Tuesday night.

Would you like to make really great cocktails, hors d’ouevres that people actually want to eat, side dishes that beg to be eaten as a main course, and epic feasts that actually live up to that billing? If so, this is the cookbook for you.