CDN Audio/Visual Digital Fridge/Freezer Alarm Thermometer

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The Audio/Visual Refrigerator/Freezer Alarm is a specialty thermometer that alerts the user if refrigerator or freezer temperature rises to an unsafe level for food storage. A CDN first, this new model operates outside the appliance with a probe attachment, so the user can monitor refrigerator or freezer temperature without opening the door. This is an especially useful feature during a power outage. When the alarm activates, red and green lights flash and the alarm sounds for six seconds each minute until it is manually turned off. The alert function can also be turned on or off while the thermometer continues to function. The easy-to-use alarm has a dual display on the thermometer to show the room temperature as well as the refrigerator or freezer’s internal temperature. The unit can be set for either refrigerator or freezer temperatures with a simple flip of a switch.

  • Measurement Range: Signal sounds at 15° or 46°F/-9.5° or 8°C; -58° to +158°F/-50° to +70°C
  • 39" / 1 m sensor cable
  • Shatterproof
  • Freezer Accuracy: 14.9 to 32°F/-9.5 to 0°C = ± 4°F/2°C; 32 to 104°F/0 to 40°C = ± 2°F/1°C
  • Refrigerator Accuracy: 32 to 104°F/0 to 40°C = ± 2°F/1°C
  • For Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Dual progress display
  • Audio/visual alert
  • Food-safe ABS plastic
  • Sliding mode switches
  • 2-way mounting: Velcro®/suction
  • 1.5V AA IEC LR6 Alkaline (included)