Burts Bees Bar Soap

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  • FACE AND BODY BAR SOAP: Nourishing cleansing bar for the face and body, gently cleanses while leaving skin beautifully clean, moisturized and refreshed
  • MOISTURIZING BENEFITS: Made with honey and shea, nature's best moisturizers, this bar soap cleanses skin from head to toe while replenishing moisture to the skin
  • NOURISHING NATURAL INGREDIENTS: 100% natural origin, this nourishing skin formula includes moisturizing shea butter and nutrient rich botanicals that nourishes and leaves skin feeling soft, clean and healthy
  • BURT'S BEES SKINCARE: Add this nourishing bar soap to your daily skincare routine for the face and body and get naturally clean and oh so nourished soft skin
  • ABSENCE OF NEGATIVES: Naturally formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS, so you can truly nurture your skin with the skin-loving ingredients from nature