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Victorinox 7" Rosewood Granton Edge Santoku Knife

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Most cooks develop a preference over time as they gain experience in the kitchen - they either prefer to do most of their work with a chef's knife, or a santoku knife. Both make for great choices, as each do a number of things very well. If you are one who prefers to work with a santoku, be sure to check out this 7" Granton Edge Santoku Knife with Rosewood Handle by Victorinox. The granton design of the blade means that food will easily fall away after it has been cut. This is a quality piece of kitchen equipment with a durable stamped blade and a beautiful rosewood handle that feels natural in your hand as you work.

The Swiss brand Victorinox has long been associated with great quality, and that tradition holds true with this product. You will only need to give this knife occasional care in order to keep it looking and working great.