Steel City Hot Sauce
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Steel City Hot Sauce

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The Reaper

Our hottest sauce made from Carolina reaper peppers. Taste great with a wide variety of uses and is sure to bring the fire.

Ingredients: Carolina reaper, Vinegar, apple butter, onions, carrots, olive oil, vegetable oil,salt and garlic


Viking Tears

Named after our Proprietary Chef who's nickname is the Viking and he sure has had some hot sauce in his eyes. Our original Hot sauce with a wide range of uses.

Ingredients:habanero, vinegar, apple butter, onion,carrot,olive oil, vegetable oil, salt and garlic


The Banshee

Aptly named The Banshee as you hear your brain screaming of the impending danger of over consumption of this super hot sauce.

Ingredients: white ghost pepper, vinegar, apple butter,onion,carrot,olive oil, vegetable oil, salt and garlic


Jade Jaguar

This Jalapeño lime sauce is our mildest sauce perfect for Tacos, Dips and marinades. It has a slight creeping heat with a nice zip of lime.

Ingredients:jalapeño, vinegar, onion, garlic, olive oil, vegetable oil,lime juice, salt, cilantro


Meco Viper

Our mildest sauce  named the Meco Viper due to the premium meco chipotles used and the symbiotic relationship the plants have with the pit viper fire.this sauce is slightly sweetened with grad A maple syrup and very smokey, gentle heat levels

Ingredients: Vinegar,tomato,adobo paste, vegetable oil,maple syrup, chipotle,onion,salt,garlic,oregano


Wolf's Bane

Our newest product made with red jalapeno that we ferment until just right made in the style of Louisiana style sauce with Siracha influence a great sauce to finish any dish

Ingredients: Red jalapeno ,vinegar, brown sugar, garlic,distilled water and salt


Badger Bite

Our Newest addition to our spicy family is The Badger Bite. In Partnership with The Hamilton Honey Badgers we created this amazing habanero based hot sauce that just loaded with honey and peaches. This sauce is a great all round use sauce that has a wide variety of uses. Show some support to our local basketball team today!

Ingredients: Red Habanero, Peaches, Honey, Onions, Ginger, Orange Zest, Cumin, Vinegar, Salt and Vegetable oil

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