Staub Ramequins - Set of 2

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With their attractive red colour, these ramekins from Staub make a lively addition to your table! The high-quality ceramic material ensures optimal heat distribution, while the glazing makes them easy to clean and very durable. They can be stacked for compact storage and can serve multiple purposes around the kitchen and dining room. Ramekins are ideal for making big blueberry muffins and can be served directly from oven to table. 

0.15 L Ramekins

• Red glazing
• High-quality ceramic for optimal heat distribution
• Easy to clean
• Shockproof and scratch-resistant
• Can be used to bake, hold and serve ingredients
• Perfect for preparing individual portions of oven recipes
• Colour: cherry
• Dimensions: 9.00"L x 8.6"W x 2.52"H
• Weight: 0.4 lbs
• Care: dishwasher safe
• Country of origin: Portugal