Phill & Sebastian Coffee, Espresso
Phill & Sebastian Coffee, Espresso
Phill & Sebastian Coffee, Espresso

Phill & Sebastian Coffee, Espresso

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That means we choose based on balance, clarity and lots of sweetness, and roast to bring out the uniqueness of the coffee, where it comes from and the right balance to endure the high pressure brewing required for espresso. Instead of offering complicated blends with meaningless names, we’ve chosen coffee from producers we believe in to give you the best espresso experience. Each of our espresso offerings are single origin and sourced in partnership with the many great producers we collaborate with. Our selection of espresso coffee is ever changing and always reflective of what’s in-season.

The Standard

While with our R2, R3, and Limited Release coffees you are ordering a specific origin, our approach to the R1 coffees is a little different. The coffee is single-origin, sourced direct from individual farms and co-ops, and follows the same rigorous quality standards we obsess over, but we roast all our R1 coffees for a consistent flavour profile. We select sweet coffees that are approachable, chocolaty, nutty, and with lower acidity. These are what you would expect from a classic coffee, but elevated. Look for offerings from Costa Rica, Honduras, and Guatemala (to name a few).  

Honduras, Wilmer Dubon: Chocolate, Orange, Pecan

 Wilmer Dubon’s farm is situated in a sub-region of Santa Barbara, right on the border of Los Andes and El Cedral, micro regions that have enjoyed much success in the Honduras Cup of Excellence. He grows Bourbon, Pacas, and Catimor.

Panama Bonita Springs Natural: Ripe Mango, Cherry, Tamarind


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