Paddy Shucker

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For Professionals and Consumers who are seeking a quality Universal Oyster Knife, the Shucker Paddy Oyster knife provides an all-in-one universal solution to functionality, safety and ease-of-use in "Oyster Shucking" due to the unique ergo-dynamic Dual Axis Pistol Grip design. Designed by World-Renowned Shucker: Patrick McMurray Guinness Record Holder of 38 oysters opened in one minute.Ergo-dynamic dual axis pistol-grip designFinger guard ergonomic handle135 degree angle keeps the forearm in alignment with the blade for maximum transfer of power3" blade with tapered tipPerfect sharpness and length for all types of oystersAmbidextrous - Suitable for left or right handedNon-slip handle protects the Shucker from injuryMade of high-quality stainless steelInjection molded non-slip PP handle provides highest in sanitary qualification

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