Norpro 8" Garlic Baker / Tortilla Warmer

Norpro 8" Garlic Baker / Tortilla Warmer

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Garlic lovers dream! Bake, warm and serve garlic and tortillas. Terracotta lid with a garlic shaped handle. Glazed base for shorter baking time and easy cleaning. Also works wonderfully for baking a wheel of brie, warming dinner rolls, baking bananas and cinnamon rolls. You can use these to bake because they are fired at 400° they can with stand the heat. They cannot withstand quick temperature changes so they need to be soaked in water for at least 15 minutes prior to use (this doesn't make your food soggy because the terracotta pretty much soaks it up) Place in the oven before preheating so it can adjust to the temperature. Don't immerse in cold water when they are still hot. To adjust recipes for terracotta add 100°F to temperature and about a half hour to the time. Instructions and recipes included.

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