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Monarch Tea

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Cream Earl Grey

Our best selling blend! This lovely treat features the marriage of traditional earl grey with a rich, vanilla infused creaminess. This tea is a perfect addition to every morning. Ingredients: black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavours.


Mango Love

Bright, juicy mango pairs with rosehip and hibiscus in this refreshing blend. Perfect hot or iced, this infusion will delight your tastebuds! Ingredients: Apples, mango, orange, elderberry, rosehip, pineapple pieces, hibiscus petals, natural flavours.


Stay Young, Go Dancing

The zesty and spicy character of ginger is mellowed with the sweet taste of peaches. Pairs well with a balmy summer evening. Ingredients: black tea, dried papaya, blackberry leaves, freeze dried peach, ginger pieces, sunflower and calendula petals, natural flavours.


Pomegranate Hibiscus

Enjoy the unexpected and refreshing blend of sweet and tart with this unique green tea! Ingredients: green tea, rosehip, hibiscus petals, natural flavours.


Beauty Sleep

Whole chamomile blended with lavender offers a pleasant, honey tinged floral flavour that soothes tension and relaxes the mind. This tea is also perfect for digestion and sore tummies.  Ingredients: chamomile, lavender.


English Breakfast

Malty with a jam like flavour best describes this comforting tea. You’ll find this English Breakfast lively with coppery notes. This tea pairs well with a good book and a soft blanket. Ingredients: black tea.


Chocolate Mint

Creamy, smooth and delicious, this Sri Lankan black tea blended with peppermint tastes just like an “After Eight” chocolate! Ingredients: Black tea, peppermint leaves, blackberry leaves, natural organic compliant flavours.