Global Ukon 8.5" Bread Knife

Global Ukon 8.5" Bread Knife

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The Global Ukon 8.5” Bread Knife (GU-03) is great for slicing through thick crusts of french bread, or tough rinds of watermelon and gourds. With this serrated blade, you can get a clean cut of a loaf or cake without squishing the delicate, fluffy interior.

The Global Ukon Series is an exceptional synthesis of modern kitchen knife performance and traditional Japanese bladesmithing. “Ukon” in Japanese even means, “the union of the traditional and the new.” Using their proprietary CROMOVA 18 stainless steel, Global Ukon boasts a thicker blade for additional strength and durability, yet a 10% sharper edge than previous collections, thanks to the sleeker, modern design that retains its edge longer. Ukon continues the Global tradition of all-stainless-steel construction, and features a dimpled handle that is slip-resistant and extremely comfortable.

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