Dexam 14" Carbon Steel Wok

Dexam 14" Carbon Steel Wok

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Get cooking with the reliable and heavy-duty carbon steel wok made from thick 1.8mm gauge steel.
Able to handle the heat, this wok comes with a staycool handle and has a flat base for convenient Asian cooking.
Suited for use with metal utensils and on all hob types. this professional wok is efficient in distributing heat quickly and evenly for effortless lip smackingly good results.
This wok comes with a helper handle for easy lifting and a lacquer finish.
This wok must be seasoned before use, to discover how to season this wok

How to season your wok

Over a high heat hold your pan by the handle until it turns a dark grey/blue colour. Once the wok has changed colour, remove from the heat and allow to cool down. Once cool rub cooking oil around the entire inside surface of the wok.

When there is a layer of oil coating the inside of the wok return the wok to a medium-low heat for around 10 minutes until smoke appears. You can be sure that your new pan is ready to be used when all the smoke has evaporated and your wok is a permanent dark grey/ black colour.



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