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Berard 12' Beechwood Point Spoon

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This majestic, highly-resistant tree (it grows up to 40 metres tall at up to 1500 m altitude and can easily live for 300 years) produces hard, dense, white wood which can readily be used for parquet flooring. Its white-flecked appearance adds charm to your kitchen.

This beechwood spoon is great for stirring, mixing, dividing, tasting, turning and serving foods. All-purpose pointed spoon reaches into corners of dish or pan. It is made in France from solid beechwood so it is sturdy and durable and will not scratch delicate surfaces. Lightweight yet strong, the longer handle easily reaches to the bottom of deeper pots and pans. Safe for use on metal and nonstick cookware. Hand wash only and occasionally coat with mineral oil to keep wood looking its best

  • Made from the finest beech wood from sustainably-managed forests
  • Will not scratch surfaces
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • No 2 pieces are identical
  • Hand wash only

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