Zwilling Sous Vide Rack
Zwilling Sous Vide Rack

Zwilling Sous Vide Rack

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The ZWILLING sous-vide rack complements the rest of the range with a practical accessory that makes sous-vide cooking even easier. The robust sous-vide rack is made of stainless steel and can be easily placed in the water bath. Various vacuum bags can be lined up in the functional sous-vide bag holder. This ensures optimal water circulation and at the same time prevents the bags from floating around in the pot. This is particularly useful if you want to cook many portions sous vide at the same time. It is also size-adjustable and fits many pot sizes from 15 to 47 cm. It is particularly easy to handle thanks to its smooth pull apart action. After use, the practical sous-vide rack can be cleaned by hand, then folded up to save space and stowed away.

  • Size adjustable between 15 and 47 cm for different pot sizes
  • Uniform water circulation even with multiple bags
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to pull out
  • Space-saving storage

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